Coaching of the Supervisory Board

When you need sustainable results

  • Developing new Rules of Procedure
  • In structuring opionion building for strategic planning
  • In case of personal animosities among members of the committees
  • And alpha animals´ fighting must not negatively bias important meetings
  • Anticipating critical questions in the shareholders´ meeting
  • Averting externals who seek to influence the order of succession
  • Initializing innovative decisions before they go through the board
  • Working out jointly how the company is to be positioned in its markets
  • With one-on-ones or with a taylored workshop

Per hour EUR 380,00
Per day EUR 3.200,00
Preparation per hour EUR 330,00

Prices as from 1. 1. 2023:
Per hour EUR 410,00
Per day EUR 3.500,00
Preparation per hour EUR 350,00

All prices exclusive of 20% VAT
In case of cancellation or postponing of the coaching session within 14 days prior to the scheduled day: 50% fee due. In case of cancellation of postponing of the coaching session within 2 days (48 hours) prior to the scheduled day: 100% fee due.

Expenses will be charged for journeys outside Vienna at a rate of 165 Euros per hour travelled, excl. 20% VAT. Travel costs themselves will be invoiced at the going mileage rate or as per the ticket receipt.

All prices valid from 1.1.2018.