Mission Statement


Personal credibility, in a world full of complex, stylised and often unverifiable information, is key to gain trust and to succeed, now more than ever. It is therefore to be nourished and expanded in all sectors of business. Authenticity of thought and action, coupled with competent communication and the courage to critique, is vital.


I abhor role clichés. It is my deep conviction that identifying and developing our own self facilitates the pursuit of happiness and leads to better differentiation in the market. Authenticity becomes a substantial tool in competition.
Authenticity alone, however, is neither recommendable nor honourable of itself. Rather, it is our duty to be authentic and to fulfil our individual claim to professionalism. To combine authenticity with professionalism should be our objective, and will guide my work with you.


For me, this is primarily state of the art communication: to get to the point quickly, to make people engage in projects by steering interaction, and to address people directly and passionately so that is clear what you want them to do.
Only then is communication in the world of business highly effective and sustainable.

I am harking ahead to a time when Powerpoints no longer dominate an orator’s performance and when scripts are not read at the lectern.

I want you to inspire, both personally and through your message – regardless of whether you are focussing on internal or external target groups. I should mention, however, that this requires a high level of input from you in terms of topics and tasks. There are some parts of the preparation which cannot be delegated either to me or to your members of staff.

Courage to Critique

I strongly support feedback as part of a powerful management culture. Having said this I am, too, working continuously on my own ability to take critique. We can only improve by listening to, checking and implementing stimuli of others. We should approve concern and openness as a principle and reject defensiveness and neglect.
It is my very job to be at your side while nurturing your courage to critique and jointly going through specific challenges. We will have accomplished a lot if in future you will be proactively asking for feedback in order to reach excellence.

By the way: if you want to delve deeper into the world of business ethics: www.responsible-management.at