In the spotlight of the stock exchange

Regina Maria Jankowitsch

FAZ Verlag 2001, 250 pages, Hardcover
ISBN 3-89843-035-9 / # 2035

EUR 9,90 not including P & P

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According to the latest American studies, in 95 % of all cases fund managers decide to buy or not to buy shares on the basis of the personal manner of the directors.

But how does the team of directors come across best? And what can top managers improve? What are the communication rules when dealing with fund managers?

The author has asked prominent CEOs, CFOs, IR managers, investment bankers, IR agencies analysts, institutional investors and financial journalists from Germany, the USA, Austria and Great Britain what is important for them and what they pay particular attention to in a road show. The result is a well researched and remarkably readable look behind the scenes of the capital markets. In „Im Rampenlicht der Börse“ readers learn how important it is to achieve a strong, controlled and professional communication in the eyes and ears of the analysts. And for the first time they get expert assistance on how to do it correctly.

From the contents

  • The race to the stock exchange
  • The stage is set
  • The active presentation
  • Full frontal to the public
  • The genuine trial of strength: one on one
  • The USA sets the agenda
  • … and the media too
  • Life after the IPO
  • What next?
  • Appendix: Facts about the enterprises interviewed