Political Leadership

Regina Maria Jankowitsch
Polisphere, 2008, 410 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 3938456221

EUR 59,80

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Approaches from science and praxis alike
Any single manager – male or female – wants to be perceived as a leader. Leadership – this magical word for vision plus decisiveness plus ability to inspire people plus courage for new solutions.
But Political Leadership? How can we transfer these criteria of quality and these claims for excellence into the political context? Which role leadership is attributed to within or beyond the classical party system? And what does this mean for democracy? Regina Jankowitsch and Annette Zimmer have started a search for reflections and answers to these questions.
Both publishers – executive coach the first, political scientist the second – are presenting in 20 papers substance for piles of discussions. The only point of view which seems to be out of doubt for all authors: winning elections is definitely not sufficient to be labelled political leadership.